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A Conversation on Russia

Saturday, Nov. 4, 1 pm. Russia is in the news. Be it the Olympic games in Sochi or the upcoming World Soccer Cup, the annexation of Crimea, the crisis with separatist in Eastern Ukraine, or the deterioration of ties with Europe and the US through sanctions. Vladimir Putin’s all encompassing presence, political triumphs and focus on nationalism may lead the country into an economic stagnation and a renewal of the cold war with a more strident East-West antagonism. How will Russia manage its relations with neighboring Ukraine and Europe; what are the prospects for the Russian economy and further East-West trade; to what extent will President Putin be able to control nationalist sentiment within Russia and among ethnic Russians living in countries of the collapsed Soviet Union?

The United Nations Association of Connecticut will explore these current global geo-political issues and concerns within the broader context of the United Nations. The knowledgeable and widely traveled speaker will explore these complex issues and invite a dialogue with those present. Speaker Sergei Kambalov is a Russian economist has served at the UN for 21 years and is now an American citizen.

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