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Last First Middle Marriage
Patterson Shubael, 1764-1827
Date Town State Country
Father Pattison, Edward, mar.1751
Mother Hills, Elizabeth (Betsey)
Date Town State Country
1764/11/04   Kensington   CT   USA  
Marriage (1)
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1 link Sarah, ca. 1770-1846 Hart Patterson, "Pattison"
Children (10)
# click First Name Middle Name Last Name Marriage Name Birthdate
1 link Harriet Patterson Beckley 1788/10/03
2 link Chloe, b.1790 Pattison Peck 1790/07/09
3 link Samuel Patterson 1792/11/06
4 link Lucy, d.1857 Patterson Hinsdale 1794/11/23
5 link Ira, 1796-1818 Patterson 1796/11/28
6 link Julia, 1799-1831 Patterson Dunbar 1799/01/15
7 link Sarah, 1802-1835 Pattison Osborn 1802/01/13
8 link Lois, 1803-1805 Pattison 1803/12/20
9 link Henry, 1806-1866 Patterson 1806/02/09
10 link Lois, b.1807 Pattison Austin/Winchel 1807/07/04
Date Town State Country Cemetery Cemetery Town Cemetery State Cemetery Country Obit File
1827/11/08         Bridge Cemetery   Berlin   CT   USA   0  
Notes (1)
# Note
1 Variant spelling "Pattison". Tinsmith. Succeeded his father in business with brother, Edward Jr.. He bulit a large tin shop and made great quantities of tinware which were carried in wagons to Canada where sold in exchange for furs. Became partner with son-in-law, Peck. John Jacob Astor was companion on some Canadian trips. Brought furs back to Berlin and girls from Newington and all about made it into muffs and other articles in the shop.; also dealt in spun yarn. Shop most northerly building . 1825 - 1835 listing - forks, spoons, teacups, etc. Shubael died at age 64 years on trip to NY. Had largest funeral in town. 1790 Census 3 free white males of 16 yrs and upward including heads of families 3 " females Hale - p.47 North, Catherine. History of Berlin - p.74 Pattison, Kenneth Manning. A Family Chronicle; 1480-1992 Andrews, Alfred. Genealogical History of Deacon Stephen Hart and his Descendants - p.911
Sources BPLH Room Card Catalog Notes
Genealogical History of Deacon Stephen Hart
Census records
North. History of Berlin.
Cemetery records

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