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Creating a Biodiverse Ecosystem in Your Backyard

Thursday, May 25, 7 pm. Learn about promoting biodiversity in your own back yard! This is a first in a series of programs presented by the Berlin Land Trust.
About the Berlin Land Trust

About the Berlin Land Trust

The Berlin Land Trust (BLT) was established in 1988 by a group of citizens concerned about the quickly disappearing open space fields, wetlands and woodlands in Berlin and surrounding towns. The BLT is a non-profit corporation with two major goals:

  • To preserve land in the town of Berlin. A parcel may be significant because of its scenic beauty or importance as a wetland, historic site or natural habitat.
  • To educate residents in the benefits of land preservation. As the pace of development in Connecticut increases, Berlin residents should understand the importance of open space preservation. Land that is under BLT protection will be preserved, according to the wishes of the donor, as permanent open space, kept in its natural state for the benefit of all residents of the town.

Berlin Land Trust, Inc.