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Explore IndieFlix!

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The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library is excited to present its latest service, IndieFlix! IndieFlix is an streaming video service that specializes in presenting independent films. It’s unique payment structure helps support the creation of independent film; producers are paid per minute their films are viewed. The better their movie, the more they get paid! To access IndieFlix, you’ll need your Berlin library card as well as a computer, laptop, Xbox 360, or Roku box.

Setting up your IndieFlix Account

  1. Navigate to RBDigital by clicking here.
  2. Click ‘Create New Account’ in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Type in the Berlin library card number and click ‘Next.’
  4. You’ll be prompted to type in your name, email, and create a password, the click ‘Next.’
  5. Congratulations, you’ve successfully created an account! Click ‘Browse Titles’ to view the selection!

To access IndieFlix in the future, just click the IndieFlix link on our website and login! Please note: If you have ever signed up for an account for OneClickdigital or Zinio through the library, you need to use that login information for IndieFlix. All 3 services goes through the same service portal, RBDigital.

Setting up IndieFlix on your Xbox 360

  1. With your Xbox on, scroll over to ‘Video.’
  2. Select ‘My Video Apps.’
  3. Select ‘Get More Apps.’
  4. Search for the IndieFlix app and download it.
  5. Open the IndieFlix app.
  6. On your computer, login to IndieFlix then click ‘My Account’ in the bottom left-hand corner.
  7. Click ‘IndieFlix on Xbox.’
  8. IndieFlix will give you a code. Input the code into the IndieFlix app to link your Xbox to IndieFlix.
  9. Congratulations! Enjoy independent films on your Xbox!

Setting up IndieFlix on your Roku

  1. Power up your Roku device and select the IndieFlix channel. It is located in the Movies and TV section of the channel store.
  2. Select ‘Add Channel,’ then go to the IndieFlix Channel.
  3. Choose any film and select ‘Watch Full Film’. This will bring up your activation code.
  4. On your computer, login to IndieFlix and then click ‘My Account’ in the bottom-left hand corner.
  5. Click ‘IndieFlix on Roku.’
  6. Type the activation code from the Roku into the IndieFlix website.
  7. Congratulations! Enjoy independent films on your Roku!