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An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing

Wednesday, November 15 & 29, 6:30 pm. Do you have an interesting life? Have you always wanted to get it down on paper but were not sure how? This course will lead you in the right direction.

Through this creative nonfiction writing course students will learn the art and techniques of essay, long form articles, journalistic/newspaper articles, and memoir writing. Students will craft 5-10 pages of their own writing which will be workshopped in a safe group setting. Open dialogue and creative, gentle, critiques will be the heart and soul of this course. The main goal of this course is to help new writers gain strength through the use of techniques and creative play within their own writing, which will enable them to acquire the confidence to submit to a publication or publications of their choice, or continue their work on to a larger memoir-sized project. We will also discuss various nonfiction publications and their subject matter as they pertain to the students’ own nonfiction writing.

Course Objective: At the end of this course students will have a firm grasp on the techniques of creative nonfiction and how to utilize them within their own work. Students will have at least one publishable piece of 5-10 pages in which they can submit to a publication of their choice at the close of this course. Students will also have the confidence to continue or begin work on a memoir-length project should they feel their writing lean in that direction.

About the instructor: Nikki A. Sambitsky is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing, specifically focusing on lyric/fragment essay (creative nonfiction) in the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA creative writing program. Mrs. Sambitsky holds a BA in journalism from Central Connecticut State University. She is currently working on her collection of lyric/fragment essays, which center on her family, her husband, and two autistic children.  Her journalism work and creative nonfiction has appeared in many publications including The Helix, Gravel Magazine, and West Hartford Magazine.

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