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Mozart and Mendelssohn: Musical Prodigies

Wednesday, May 3 at 6:30 pm.
The name Mozart is synonymous with the word prodigy. He certainly displayed incredible talent as a composer, pianist and violinist at a ridiculously young age. Mendelssohn is usually ignored in the conversation about prodigies, but he was no less extraordinary and topped Mozart in at least one way. He was composing masterpieces as a teenager, several years before Mozart wrote anything comparable.

Jeffrey Engel will compare the two youngsters and let you decide who was the more remarkable.

As a cellist, Engel played with numerous orchestras in France including that of the Paris Opera, performed in chamber ensembles and taught in municipal conservatories. He has given entertaining and informative music history lectures in various venues for 15 years, including as an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut in Torrington.

Sponsored by Friends of the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library.

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