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Notary Services

Library Notaries witness document signing or signing a sworn statement on a document. They verify, by their signature and seal, that you are who you say you are.



The fee is $5 per signature (the same as Town Hall).



Notary Services are available daily and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as some Saturdays.

Please call ahead to confirm someone will be available.



  • For Notary Services to be performed, you must provide two forms of identification; a picture ID as well as another current form of identification containing your signature. Acceptable forms of ID include:
    • A current passport from any country, in a language the Notary can read (English only)
    • A valid driver’s license
    • A valid state ID
    • A signed library or credit card
    • Birth certificates and Social Security cards are not acceptable ID
  • The person requiring Notary Services must be sure the document is completely filled out, leaving no blanks except where the signature is required.
  • The library will only notarize documents written in English.
  • The Notary must be able to communicate in English directly with the signer.
  • If witnesses are required, please bring them with you.
  • Notaries cannot certify copies of vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates. Note that certified copies of these can be obtained from the issuing authority.
  • Notaries cannot assess the mental state of the signatory.
  • Notary Services are not available for wills or I-9 forms.
  • Notaries cannot dispense legal advice.
  • Notaries can refuse service at their discretion.