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PrinterOn: Print to the Library From Anywhere!

PrinterOn: Print From Anywhere!

The Library is excited to introduce PrinterOn! PrinterOn is a service that lets you print your files from a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer from anywhere, including outside the Library!

The Details:

Every method here involves you receiving a six digit PIN number. Once you arrive at the Library, head over to the Reference desk and give us that PIN number. We enter the PIN number and your documents are printed! It’s just like magic. Standard printing fees do apply; color prints are 50¢ and black and white prints are 15¢. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Library at 860-828-7126. There are three ways to use PrinterOn:

Use the Web App:

This is the easiest way to use PrinterOn from your compute or laptop. Navigate to Once you’re there, copy and paste a web link or upload a document or photo using the ‘Browse’ button.

Download the App on Your Phone or Tablet:

printeronTo download the app for Apple phones and tablets, click here. For Android phones and tablets, click here. Once you open the app, tap ‘No Printer Selected.’ Choose ‘Location’ if you want to find the Library using your phones GPS, or click ‘Search’ to find us by name. If you’re using ‘Search,’ type in ‘Berlin-Peck.’ You should see two printers: Adult Color Public Printer and Adult B/W Public Printer. You can add both, but make sure you choose the right one when printing!  The color printer only does color, and the black and white printer only does black and white. Once you’ve selected the correct printer, tap the cursive ‘i‘ to the left of the printer name, then tap the star at the top of the screen. This will save the printer for future use! Repeat this process again to add multiple printers.

To print, open the app and select one of the following: ‘Documents,’ ‘Photos,’ or ‘Web.’ ‘Document’ will let you print files you have saved on your phone, and ‘Photo’ will let you print pictures you’ve taken with your phone. If you have a website you’d like to print, use ‘Web.’ Once you’ve pick something to print, double check what you’re printing with print preview. Confirm your printer selection at the bottom of the screen, or tap it to change printers. Tap ‘Print’ when ready. Enter your e-mail address and tap ‘OK.’ Once you receive the “Print Success” notification, tap ‘Print History’ at the bottom of your screen to get your print PIN.

Send Your Document(s) to Our Email:

The third way to print is using email. Our printer has two emails associated with it: a color printer email and a black and white printer email. To print using this method, attach the document(s) you wish to print and then send the email to us. For black and white prints, send the email to For color prints, you can send your document to