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Databases for Connecticut Residents The Connecticut State Library in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education provides all state residents with this digital library.  This site can also be used to access the statewide library catalog (reQuest) to locate an item in any library.


Databases for Berlin-Peck Memorial Library Cardholders Only


a to zA to Z World Travel This is a massive database of constantly updated information on 175 cities of the world.  It provides in-depth information on major topic areas of society and culture, travel, communications, business, trade, marketing, and security.  Great resource for travelers and researchers.


ancestry  With 7 billion genealogical records from across the globe and millions of family trees, this is the world’s largest online family history resource.  This database can only be accessed in the library.



Consumer Reports Online  Research products here before you buy them.

*Consumer Reports will be down for the next week due to network maintenance. Please call the library if you have any questions. *



Job Now Get live job coaching, resume assistance and more.


gale priceit

Price It  Get pricing information on antiques and collectibles.



Salem History  This database includes comprehensive information on historical events and provides biographical sketches from Salem Press’ Great Lives from History and Great Events from History.


gale terc

Testing and Education Reference Center  A start-to-finish resource with all the information and support materials needed to make informed, confident decisions to shape the rest of your life.