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Save Connecticut Libraries: Stop the Budget Cuts!

save ct libraries

The governor’s proposed budget will not only zero-out funding for Connecticut libraries, but will eliminate the statues that allow these valuable programs to exist. Key services will be lost to Berlin patrons, and will be nearly impossible to reinstate once they’re eliminated. Three of the programs scheduled to be eliminated are:


Without this program, Connecticut residents will only be able to borrow books from their hometown library – the ability to borrow from any public library in the state will disappear. You will also no longer be able to return books to any library in the state. Libraries will effectively shut their doors to their neighbors. Connecticut taxpayers saved $68 million in 2014 by borrowing from other libraries. These savings will vanish.


The Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) will no longer be able to save $7.1 million in taxpayer dollars by coordinating statewide purchasing contracts for books and services. Without the CLC, libraries will be on their own to negotiate contracts.


This funding helps libraries already under financial strain to continue to provide necessary services to residents. Cutting grants hurts those people who need libraries most.

Write, call, or email your legislators and governor! We have a sample letter for you to use here. Use the zip code box below to find out who your representative is.





The Rally to Save CT Libraries will be taking place on Wednesday, April 15th at Noon!

We will be gathering at the Legislative Office Building, Room 2A

300 Capital Avenue, Hartford, CT

Wear red and show your support for Connecticut libraries!

Click here for driving directions. Click here for rally tips.